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Plantasia Displays Ltd

Westpoint House
Aughton Lane
South Yorkshire
S26 2AJ

Phone: (UK) 0114-287 2025
Fax: (UK) 0114-287 8525

Email: info@plantasiadisplays.co.uk

Artificial plant displays

Welcome to one of the leading suppliers of Artificial plant displays within the UK.

Our Artificial plant displays in stylish containers are a welcome addition to any environment. Live plants also help reduce sick building syndrome. removing dust and other toxic particles, whilst releasing oxygen, contributing to the humidity, which is particularly important in air-conditioned or "sealed buildings"

All our services are based on your individual requirements, be it a single floral arrangement to multi-planted displays, from a single office, single location or site to a multi-site contract.

Plantasiadisplays have been providing high quality Artificial plant displays for offices for many years through providing a friendly and helpful service to help you to enhance your environment.

We have access to an amazing range of unusual and interesting species imported frosm around the world. Also providing an extensive range of containers and special finishes that can match or enhance any interior.

Your ideas and preferences, for type, style, size and choice of plants and containers, together with our advice and suggestions will be discussed and incorporated within our designs for your displays, to ensure that they fully satisfy all requirements. Our qualified/trained staff ensure that your Artificial plant displays not only look good when installed but by using our regular maintenance service continue to do so.

All of our products are designed for compatibility and enhancement of your decor, colour schemes and company colours where appropriate. We can also offer Outright Purchase, Special Occasion Hire, Rental Contract.

If you require any further information regarding our Artificial plant displays or any of our products please feel free to contact us immediately.

Phone: (UK) 0114-287 2025
Fax: (UK) 0114-287 8525

Email: info@plantasiadisplays.co.uk

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